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Build new custom IVR
applications without coding.

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Pages Editor

Build your application
easily with voice pages.

Add and link together a set of voice pages to create your telephony applications without coding. You can use the editor in "call flow" mote to navigate easily through the application you're working on.

Voice pages are unlimited to build an app. Depending on your plan, the editor provides from 5 to 20 kind of voice pages to build applications which fit your needs.

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Créez des pages vocales facilement

Audios Management

Easy from the beginning.

Import, organize, search and listen to audios files you're using to build applications. To make your life easier, VoicePublisher converts MP3 and WAV files into the right format, so you do not have to care about it. We do.

And thanks to the new audio player, listening to audio files is even more easier and faster.

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Importez, organisez, recherchez et écoutez els fichiers audios utilisés dans vos serveurs vocaux

Versions of Applications

Made by developers,
for developers.

According to your needs, you can create and manage as many versions of your applications as you want. With the duplicate feature, copy an existing version is easy. So you can work on the next releases safely to test and publish new features in your applications.

This feature really fit the development cycle. Every new version status is "In Dev”, then "In Test”, "Published" or finally "Archived". Change status in one click.

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Gérez simplement le cycle de développement d'une application vocale en créant plusieurs versions

One-click Deployment

Deploy in one click,
wherever you want.

Deploy in test or publish every version with the One-click Deployment. You can deploy automatically and immediately in the secured VoicePublisher cloud or in your own private cloud.

Rollback to a previous version if needed is simple and fast with a single click!

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Déployez très facilement en 1 clic, dans le cloud sécurisé de VoicePublisher ou dans votre infrastructure privée de serveurs

Phone Numbers

Manage your numbers
the way you want.

Manage your pool of phone numbers the way you want. Associate on demand one or several numbers to any version in test or production.

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Affectation des numéros téléphoniques que vous utilisez pour vos serveurs vocaux