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Automate call routing with a smart interactive voice response (IVR) system, to help your customers connect with your company using speech recognition and DTMF tones.

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Interface Web de Call Manager pour améliorer le traitement de vos appels commerciaux.

Improve Contact Experience with smart call routing rules

Your customers decide to call your company because they think this is the best way for them to get a quick and complete answer to their questions. Because they need help, they are seeking reassurance, but are they quickly connected with the right people? Do you offer a great contact experience?

With Dexem Cloud IVR, you can create a custom call flow to set up smart rules using speech recognition or DTMF tones. Then, it is easy for you to improve customer experience over the phone, and reduce yout cost per call, all at once.

Take advantage of cloud features to enhance your IVR

Create a unique Call Flow, adapted to your challenges

Rely on our powerful and complete set of features like announcements, calendars, switch, speech recognition, DTMF tones and dynamic routing rules to build the perfect call flows for your business challenges.

Your company is unique, your customers are unique and the relationships you build with them represent a unique asset for your business. So, make the phone contact experience great!

Implement an IVR adapted to your organization and your objectives

Improve customer experience and reduce costs, all at once

AAutomate caller identification, reason of their call, call routing to the right people, conversation when relevant. You can save a lot of time for your agents, who then can focus on high-value conversations with customers who deserve it.

That way, you can save costs on customer calls, have a scalable system when your business calls are rising, save time for your colleagues and increase customer satisfaction. And all this at once!

Analyze your inbound calls and caller behavior

Real-time, easy to use and manage online

With our onlilne interface, you work in autonomy to manage and update your voice service. You can also invite some of your colleagues and manage their permissions, based on the roles you want them to have.

And to scale your IVR system while your business is growing, you can rely on our secure and scalable hosting on our cloud platform, which manages over 100 millions calls every year and has over a 99,99% uptime.

Set up a menu for your interactive voice response (IVR)

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