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Google Analytics 4

Analyze phone calls generated by your marketing campaigns and website directly in your Google Analytics 4 reports.

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Universal Analytics

Track your calls in Google Analytics to further analyze your phone conversions in all Universal Analytics reports.

Logo Google Ads

Google Ads

Discover which campaigns, keywords and ads are generating inbound phone calls from your visitors, to optimize your paid advertising campaigns.

Logo Salesforce


Help your sales teams simplify their processes, and add more marketing data into your Salesforce account, by automating phone call activites & lead creation.

Logo Hubspot

Hubspot CRM

Improve the efficiency of your sales team by automating the creation and update of contacts in Hubspot CRM, based on a lot of call data.

Logo Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Create custom reports from your call data to complete your existing reports and/or share new ones with your customers.

Logo Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Install Dexem Call Tracking JS tag directly in Google Tag Manager, to activate dynamic number insertion (source or session-level) on your website.

Logo Facebook

Facebook Ads

Connect to your Facebook Ads account to view calls as conversions in your campaign, audience and ad reports in Facebook.

Logo Contentsquare


Enrich your analytics in Contentsquare by integrating your account to leverage your website call data, based on web sessions.

Logo Datorama


Feed Datorama's artificial intelligence with phone conversions data to help you drive your marketing even more effectively.

Logo Matomo


Get your inbound phone calls directly in Matomo, and link them to the visitors' journeys and the acquisition channels.

Logo Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

Connect with Adobe Analytics to analyze phone calls, with our custom built-in integration, in order to get a 360┬░ overview on your marketing campaigns.

Logo Wordpress


Install the Dexem tag for dynamic number insertion on a Wordpress site, to enable dynamic call tracking on your website or those of your customers..

Logo Slack


Connect your Slack & Dexem accounts to see phone calls from new leads in your #Marketing channel, or to be notified of a missed call in your #Sales channel.

Logo Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Send call data from your account's call history directly into a Google Sheets table and use it in various Google tools.

Logo Zapier


Connect Dexem with a full range of softwares your teams are using thanks to Zapier, to leverage multiple data from your calls, callers and agents.

Logo Webhooks


Use our webhooks to share phone call data with other Cloud services, on-premise softwares and any other platform of your choice.

Logo API


Use our APIs to retrieve call data from the platform of your choice, or to use your own data in call flow management rules.