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Dexem provides cloud-based telephony solutions to modernize your call management and create powerful human connections with your customers.

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Dexem, solutions Cloud pour la téléphonie des entreprises

Trusted for many years by 1000+ companies around the world.


Thanks to its platform
Dexem will helps you to...

Analyze phone calls from
your marketing campaigns

Analyze where your phone calls come from (campaigns, medias, traffic sources) to manage and optimize your return on investments, with accurate and objective data on phone call conversions.

Discover Call Tracking

Dexem Call Tracking

Automate your call handling
with smart routing rules

Automate your call routing with a cloud-based interactive voice response (IVR) system connected to the tools your team uses every day. Cloud IVR is easy to setup, customize and use, even for nontechnicals.

Discover Cloud IVR

Dexem Cloud IVR

Boost your Sales &
Support teams efficiency

Improve the efficiency and availability of your Sales & Support teams, to sell more and enhance customer satisfaction, thanks to a modern interface, connected to your tools, to manage all your phone calls.

Discover Call Manager

Dexem Call Manager

Connect telephony
with all your tools

Connect the Dexem solution with the tools you use every day to bridge the gap between telephony and Cloud, and bring back the management of your phone calls at the heart of your digital strategy.

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Dexem integrations

Why Dexem ?

A vision of the future of telephony
focused on people & technology

Unified platform

A unified platform

Our cloud platform allow us to meet your different needs, now and tomorrow, at every stage of a call life cycle : before the call, before the conversation, during the conversation and after the call.

scalable platform

A scalable platform

Every year, we release hundreds of new features, improvements and fixes, to help you manage your phone calls event better and anticipate industry developments.

ease of use

A ease of use

We attach great importance to offer you modern solutions, easy to setup and pleasant to use, as thousands of users already do on a daily basis.

recognized reliability

A recognized reliability

Every year, thousands of companies trust us to manage over hundreds of millions of calls with 99.99% uptime, thanks to our redundant systems.

security by definition

The security by definition

Our platform is designed on specific features for data security and confidentiality, in accordance with current regulations (GDPR, etc.).

5 star support

A 5 star support

With expertise in telephony and digital, The Dexem teams support you, from the definition of your needs to customer support, including the setup of your solution.

Who is using Dexem ?

All companies that want to create
strong connections with their customers

Dexem for SMBs


Côté Sushi

Customer since 2016

Côté Sushi is using Dexem to take thousands of orders over the phone, every day, everywhere in France, for its 50+ restaurants.

Dexem for SMEs


Rent A Car

Customer since 2015

Rentacar is using Dexem to centralize the management of calls to its 300+ branches and the agents of its shared call center.

Dexem for Enterprises



Customer since 2017

DomusVi is using Dexem to measure performance of its marketing campaigns and analyze calls from its 250+ establishments network.

Dexem for Multinationals


Air France

Customer since 2012

Air France is using Dexem to qualify and route its customers' calls to its call centers on 4 continents, in 50+ countries.

Any questions ?

Our experts are available to answer any of your questions about our products, our pricing or our support.