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Have you ever called a company, had no answer, and never been called back? And you, how many calls did you miss? How many sales did you miss because you could not pick up or call back?

This is why we created Call Manager. We want to give you the tools to handle 100% of the calls received by your sales team to achieve even more sales. Phone is a communication channel that offers direct and high added value interactions. When a prospect or a customer decides to call you, it's because they think it's the best way for you to help them buy. And it's up to you to help them!

Never missed a phone sales again

With Call Manager, you have the right solution to optimize the way your sales team handle with phone calls from actual and future customers. You have the tools to follow up all the phone calls, received and made, answered and missed by sales rep or by the team.

More conversations + best reactivity = more sales

You will have a complete view of the leads and customers who called you and those your team has to call back. Thanks to improving the productivity of the team and increasing the number of leads and customers you're talking to, you will increase strongly the number of appointments and sales made by the teammates! Your team is more customer-centric and focused on conversations.

Drive performance through actionable analytics

With Call Manager, you have a clear and deep understanding of the phone activity of the sales team, as a team and for each person. For instance, you better know which hours of the day or which day of the week you get more calls ... And make sure the team is available! You get to know how many time the team makes on average to call back a missed call. You better compare the call duration at each step of the sales process. Etc.

All the data will help you manage and optimize the sales team organization to schedule more appointments and make more sales.

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