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Improve Phone Efficiency,
Increase Sales Results

Could you sell your product as efficiently with no phone? Your day is mainly scheduled around phone calls, and that is what makes your leads get progressively through your pipe.

Agent Call History

Call History shows you all your sales calls. Any time, you know who called you and when exactly. You can also see whether you have missed calls from your leads on any period.

Easy Call Management

If you can’t take a call, you see it as missed in your Call History. Given that, it is easier for you to prioritize which leads to call back first. Dexem Call Manager also displays your recorded messages, and allows you to add a memo about any call.


Any time, you can save your leads to your contact list, and filter your Call History for any specific contact.

Make Sure Your Customers
Are Well-Served, At Any Time

Time-Based Availability

In your Dexem Call Manager Calendar, tell when you are available to receive phone calls. For each reachability period, redirect your calls to any destination number, including your mobile if you are away from office.

Absence Periods

When you have regular meetings or other tasks that make you unavailable for your calls, add an absence period on Dexem Call Manager. An absence period can be set to repeat every week, 2 weeks, or more up to 20. During your absence, redirect your calls to a backup number (colleague, boss or welcome desk), so none of your calls is missed at that time and your clients are happy with your customer service.

Help Your Sales Team To Grow

User Management

You can manage the list of all the Dexem Call Manager users, and also invite new ones and modify their role in your organization. These users can be Agents, Managers or any custom role specifically designed for your company. User roles include specific permissions to enjoy Dexem Call Manager in a personalized way.

User Calendar

You can bring changes to users’ availability or absence periods on their Calendar. For example, if a sales rep’s meeting is taking longer than expected, change his or her calendar on your own, so that their incoming phone calls are redirected to someone available during this period.

Groups & Organizations

Dexem Call Manager enables you to create and manage groups or user organizations. With organizations, you can recreate the structure of your teams and departments. As for the groups, they do the same for your phone calls. For example, Sales and Customer Service groups would get different types of calls from different people.

Work Faster With
High-Performing Integrations

Salesforce & CRM

All the phone call data you can find in Dexem Call Manager can also be integrated with your CRM. For example, when a new prospect gives you a call, it will be automatically notified as a new lead in your Salesforce account.

Slack & Collaboration Tools

Link your Dexem Call Manager account to your collaboration tools such as Slack, to be notified directly in your #Sales channel if you missed a call or have a lead to call back.


Use our APIs and webhooks to integrate with other Cloud services, legacy software or any other platform.

Analyze How Your Calls
Help You To Sell More

Callers Reports

With these reports, you can measure your call traffic for any period of the year. You can see which working days or hours are bringing you the biggest amount of calls. Given this, you know when you should be available to answer your leads, and then optimize your time at work.

Agents Report

These reports help you to see any user’s phone activity. Thus, you can provide them some hints to optimize their work and deliver a bigger added value to your customer.

Behaviours Report

These reports give you an overview of how your different voice apps and your company’s services or departments behave on Dexem Call Manager.

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