Security &
Data Protection

Every year, hundreds of businesses rely on our expertise to manage hundreds of millions of phone calls in compliance with security requirements and current legislation in their countries.


Our platform offers specific features to ensure security and data privacy.

Data Encryption

All the data stored on Dexem platform is encrypted under the most rigorous encryption process available in the industry (AES-256).

Secured Protocol

Our platform is using the highly recommanded secured HTTPS protocol to ensure data privacy and integrity when sent by users and received by servers.

Data Storage

Your data is replicated in several Data Centers to maximize availability. Some sensitive data (Call Detail Records, voice messages) is automatically erased after a period of time in accordance with legislation.

User Roles

On our platform, you can also define user permissions, depending on the roles you want to give users for only viewing or editing data in your account.

Password Strategy

Our platform allows you to define specific password policies for users to set appropriately secure passwords in their accounts (complexity, availability period).

SSO / SAML Authentification

Our platform offers a unique authentication process based on single sign-on, to ensure access to users who are already signed into the system.

Call Recording

When using the call recording feature, you are fully compliant with legislation, and you can configure a message to notify callers of recording.


At Dexem, our infrastructure is in accordance with current certification in force worldwide, in European Union (EU) and in France.

Dexem compliance with GDPR (EU)


We help our clients to comply with GDPR requirements.

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Dexem compliance with CSA


Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) certification.

Dexem compliance with ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with the worldwide quality ISO 9001 standard.

Dexem compliance with ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with the ISO 27001 security management processes.

Dexem compliance with ISO 27017

ISO 27017

Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with specific regulations issued by Cloud ISO 27017.

Dexem compliance with ISO 27018

ISO 27018

Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with personal data protection ISO 27018 regulation.

Dexem compliance with AICPA SOC 2


Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with the SOC2® Type II (AICPA) security, availability and privacy report.

Dexem compliance with ASIP HDS in France


Dexem platform’s infrastructure is compliant with the French current regulation ASI HDS, for protection of personal data related to health.

More about our engagements

Dexem teams are deeply involved in conceiving a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure.
We are early adopters of development and testing best practices, in order to ensure our products an optimal quality level.

Dexem uptime is superior to 99.99%


Our platform has an uptime above 99.99% during the 12 past months. Our Sales team can also share with you our Service-Level Agreement (SLA) engagements.

Dexem invests in best  practices to scale its platform


As a result of several years of development, our platform is built on a reliable infrastructure running more than 100 million calls every year. These calls are received and distributed in more than 50 countries across all the continents.

Dexem invests in best software development methodologies


Our development methodology considers the “Security by Design” standards, and includes the OWASP recommendations. At Dexem, we have implemented a system to detect and correct security vulnerabilities continuously, before each new release.

Dexem invests in best tests methodologies


We put high efforts in conceiving automatic non-regression testing procedures before each new release. We also run penetration tests on our platform at least once a year.

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