Call Tracking

Analyze phone calls from your marketing campaigns
to measure performance of ads, traffic sources, keywords & Web pages.

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Do you know how many calls
come from your marketing?

When phone calls are part of your customer acquisition strategy, understanding which marketing campaigns bring you calls is very important to manage effectively your investments.

Call Tracking consists of using dedicated phone numbers, called tracking numbers, for each ads, each traffic source or each visitor, to associate calls with the right acquisition campaigns, advertising medias, traffic sources, keywords, visitors and pages.

" Dexem Call Tracking helps us measure our websites phone call conversions, especially within the steps of the booking funnels. Thus, we're able to attribute several thousands of calls every month to our digital campaigns and acquisition channels."
Christelle Le Ho
VP Marketing,
Square Habitat Bretagne
Rent A Car

Measure phone calls from
your online & offline campaigns

Dynamic Call Tracking

With the website dynamic number insertion, you're displaying tracking numbers on your pages depending on the channels or the visitors sessions. You can analyze inbound phone call conversions by campaigns, channels, keywords, and landing pages, like you already do for clicks and forms.

Static Call Tracking

Display static tracking numbers on the online & offline marketing medias, ads, campaign you are investing in, in order to reveal which of them are generating phone calls and improve the ROI of your marketing actions.

Analyze the digital journey
of your inbound phone leads

Channels Call Tracking

With website dynamic number insertion by traffic source, you compare inbound phone calls based on acquisition channels such as Organic Search (SEO), Paid Search (Google AdWords, Bing Ads), Referral, Custom UTM Parameters, Email Marketing, Social Networks, etc.

Keywords, visitors & pages Call Tracking

With website dynamic number insertion by visitor session, you make a deeper analysis on phone calls by keywords, ad groups and campaigns in Google AdWords. And you have a complete view of the visited pages (landing, last, etc.) and the multichannel attribution.

Integrate Call Tracking data
with Marketing & Sales tools

Google Analytics & AdWords

Get the Call Tracking data in your Web Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or Adobe Analytics, to deeper analyze phone calls into your cloud marketing solutions.

Salesforce & CRM

Help your sales team by integrating your Call Tracking account with Salesforce Sales Cloud or any other CRM solution to complete your prospects and customers information with call data.


Use our APIs and WebHooks to integrate with other cloud services, legacy software or any other platform.

Agency, you know you generate
leads, we help prove it to customers

Demonstrate the performance of the marketing campaigns by proving the results made for your customers. Also measuring inbound phone leads will help you show them better results at a constant budget. You build a long-term relationship of trust by showing your clients that they were right to use your services.

For them, it's even more conversions. For you, these are mostly satisfied customers and new revenue opportunities.

Increase sales & revenue,
with better call management

In addition to help you mechanically improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns by optimizing your budget, our Call Tracking product helps you reduce the number of missed calls to increase leads, sales and revenue.

With intelligent call routing, call history, and real-time alerts for missed calls, your sales team have the right tools to increase the number of calls they answer and to call back the leads that contacted you.

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