Paritel makes a 20% decrease of Google Ads acquisition costs with Dexem Call Tracking.

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Since 1991, Paritel has been working with small and medium businesses in France, to offer them efficient telecom solutions. More than 25 years later, Paritel is standing as a leading operator addressing VSB and SMB in France. Their 40 agencies are now managing 34 000 active clients and 385 000 users.

As professionals’ demands and technologies are constantly evolving, Paritel has diversified activities. Today, they offer a wide and complete range of services, including fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, payment and video monitoring solutions.


Consumers’ new digital habits are taking companies to increase investments in digital marketing channels to generate more leads. In this context, marketing teams at Paritel are also developing a data-driven mindset, including a «digital marketing strategy focused on ROI», as highlighted Donya Laidoudi, Digital Manager at Paritel.

Their goal is «to measure profitability of each group of keywords, or even at a keyword level, to optimize investments». Paritel is challenged in accurately tracking marketing conversions from their sponsored links campaigns, through online forms and inbound calls.

Then, in addition to tracking data collected from their online forms, marketing teams at Paritel also need «to identify and analyze inbound calls from paid campaigns».


To take up this challenge, Paritel has chosen to set up Dexem Call Tracking. On their website, they have implemented dynamic call tracking by Web session. This advanced level of call tracking includes a Dynamic Number Insertion feature (DNI), which allows Paritel to display dynamically a unique phone number for each visitor on their landing pages and product pages.

Therefore, each time a visitor is calling from a tracking number displayed only for him or her, Paritel can identify which traffic source, campaign, ad group or Google Ads keyword this visitor came from. They can also access a lot of detailed data about their visitors’ online journey on their web pages, before they call the company.

As Dexem Call Tracking can be easily integrated with Google Analytics and Google Ads, Paritel’s inbound call data are automatically gathered with their other Web data, in a single environment. So, it is simple for the French operator to combine and analyze all of their web analytics data.


Thanks to Dexem Call Tracking, Paritel can collect data on the same level from online forms and inbound calls. Their marketing teams can find out where their calls are coming from : landing pages, website, or any other traffic source or paid campaign. This way, Paritel can establish the actual client acquisition cost of each channel, and measure with accuracy the ROI of each marketing action.

As for their Google Ads campaigns, call tracking by Web session allows Paritel to know which keyword, ad group or campaign has generated an inbound call from a lead. Their marketing teams have a good visibility on the acquisition cost of each keyword they are investing in, and then can measure their ROI and profitability.

With this solution, Paritel can efficiently optimize their budget according to the measured performance. This allowed them to reduce their Google Ads acquisition costs by 20% so far.

"What we were looking for was a tool that would make it easy to allocate and analyze our inbound phone calls."

"Setting dynamic tracking numbers is fast, and connecting Call Tracking with Google Analytics and Google Ads is easy as well."

"This way, we have reduced our acquisition costs by 20%.

An efficient solution for a reasonable price, I surely recommend this one!"