How Genesys optimizes marketing budgets by using valuable call data from Dexem Call Tracking

Genesys is the world's leading provider in customer-centric solutions. From call center software to bots and service automation, they work with key industries in more than 100 countries : banking, healthcare, retail, governments, ...

The company was founded in 1990 in California. More than 30 years later, it has spread over all continents, with more than 6000 employees to help all businesses improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through all their touchpoints and channels.


For Genesys, human interactions on the phone are worth more than any other, because they demonstrate of a real intent and provide the highest quality leads. Besides, marketing teams are constantly working on assessing the performance of their acquisition channels. Next to lead gen forms, Genesys needs to measure their efficiency in generating new contacts through phone calls.

What's more, the other internal tech tools at Genesys have now reached a high level of accuracy, so the teams are looking for a solution that could align with this. Not only they need to measure the number of calls, but also define if some have led to sales opportunities, or if any particular marketing channel is better at generating phone calls than the others.


To answer their needs, Genesys has chosen Dexem Call Tracking with regards to several criteria assessed by an internal decision committee: features, capacity, price and easiness of interacting with the provider company.

First, Genesys tried it on their top 3 regions in EMEA, with inbound call measuring and internal reporting. Dynamic tracking numbers by web session have been set for each online channel, in order to provide data about the origin of the calls. As they saw the variety of call data it gave them (answered and missed calls, traffic source, user activity, ...), teams at Genesys decided to extend Dexem Call Tracking deployment to more than 10 different countries.

Moreover, Genesys has implemented direct integrations between Dexem Call Tracking and Google Analytics, and also with Salesforce CRM. Then, when receiving a call, CX managers have the lead record of the user popping up on their screen, with a recap of valuable data such as previous interactions of this user with their brand, the traffic source that took the user to their website, and all the pages he or she has visited online before calling.


Thanks to Dexem Call Tracking, Genesys now has a broad and clear view on their marketing channels' performance. Their teams know how many phone calls have been received during any period from each channel, and how their phone contacts are progressing throughtout the sales funnel.

By analyzing the call data provided by Dexem Call Tracking, teams at Genesys have been surprised of how efficient some of their channels were to generate phone contacts. With these figures in mind, they could redefine their call-to-action strategy, and spot their online pages that required to set a phone call button.

Then, the fluent integration between Dexem Call Tracking and their internal analytics and CRM tools also allowed Genesys to improve collaboration between teams, especially sales and marketing. As their sales forces and CX managers have been provided a better visibility on their phone contacts, they can now better qualify their callers' needs and define their context, and give them more personalized feedback on how they could help.

"How can you measure your marketing performance, when you are only considering half of the types of interactions with the online forms, but not the calls?

We have been impressed by the flexibility of the solution. The quantity and quality of data that is able to be pushed is breathtaking!

It is a type of tracking that is so valuable for businesses. If you try it, it will even become irreplaceable at some point!"

Paul André,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager EMEA

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