Fastmag doubles marketing lead attribution with Dexem Call Tracking.

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Fastmag is a software publisher for retailers. Their solutions deal with physical or online shop management, payment, B2B trading, product conception and business intelligence. With more than 5 000 sales points equipped in France and other countries, Fastmag solutions are addressing big retail networks’ and information system managers.

As they keep on growing on a high-potential market, Fastmag is diversifying customer base, while still focusing on service quality. On the short-mid term, they would specifically improve development of sales points management and payment softwares.


Fastmag has two main channels for customer acquisition, online forms and inbound calls received from their communication leverages: website, SEA, social media,... So, the company is challenged to measure how many calls they are receiving from each traffic source leading to their website. Then, they could complete their online forms acquisition data with phone contacts, and better establish and understand acquisition costs.

Marketing team at Fastmag would also consider inbound callers to define audiences for remarketing campaigns. They want to adapt their marketing message for online visitors who already contacted them.


Fastmag has set up Dexem Call Tracking to collect precise call data from marketing channels. On their website, the company has implemented dynamic call tracking by Web session. This allows Fastmag to learn more about their online visitors’ journey on their pages (traffic sources, keywords, visited pages,...). And each acquisition channel like Google Ads call extensions, Google My Business, social media or emailing, has been provided with a unique tracking number.

More, with a native integration between Dexem Call Tracking and Google Analytics, Fastmag can send call data right to their Analytics environment. There, it can be easily combined with other online conversion data. This way, Fastmag has a complete overview on their new inbound contacts.


With Dexem Call Tracking, Fastmag has identified twice more interactions with leads, and this has proved how inbound calls are essential in their acquisition. This also allowed the company to include phone conversions into their marketing campaigns, while understanding where calls are coming from.

Since then, Fastmag can accurately establish marketing ROI and confidently adjust marketing actions. With twice more conversions in mind, they could significantly improve their overall and channel-focused cost per lead.

On the mid-term, Fastmag intends to automate bidding adjustment for their best-performing paid sources in terms of new contacts. For half of them, they are generated by inbound calls. And the company would also integrate Dexem Call Tracking with their CRM, so that call data is directly available there.

"Our goal is to sharpen online audiences with callers, so we make more accurate targeting and remarketing campaigns."

"Dexem Call Tracking brings concrete results, and the quality is totally worth the price."

"Dexem Call Tracking makes things easier to manage campaigns with more conversion data. Since we are using this solution, our number of identified interactions has doubled."