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Cojecom agency raises clients' ROI by spotlighting inbound call data with Call Tracking

Cojecom is a communication agency founded in 2003, with a digital expertise since 2010. To intensify development in this new sphere, Cojecom has created its own solutions for companies also going through digital transformation. Today, the agency’s services are designed for advertisers who wish to improve their online traffic and lead or sales generation.

Cojecom’s approach is quite unique. Based on several channels, scoring or geo-tracking, they implement a wide set of personalized campaigns, for setting a high-ROI global audience. The formula appeals to all types of companies and industries. This even allowed Cojecom to rank 250 in the 2019 board of national growth champions, published by the French media Les Échos.


Cojecom has built up a innovative and performance-driven brand image. Transparency is key for their collaborators to communicate around the return on investiment of their clients’ campaigns.

The agency is aware that this ROI can be established from written channels conversions, such as online forms. And there are also phone conversions to take in account. So, to prove their marketing actions’ efficiency, Cojecom’s challenge is to measure how many inbound phone calls their campaigns are generating. And then, they would share this data with their clients, directly in their own analytics platform.


Cojecom has chosen Dexem Call Tracking for gathering accurate data on inbound calls received by their clients from each marketing campaign. Now, the agency can display a dedicated tracking number on each landing page created for their clients. Cojecom is also using dynamic number insertion to configure tracking numbers according to traffic sources generating the highest amount of visitors on their clients’ web pages.

This way, Cojecom can measure inbound calls received from their clients’ landing pages and their web pages, depending on visitors’ traffic source: Google Ads Search or Display campaigns, Facebook Ads campaigns, emailing campaigns,...

Next, all the call data generated by their campaigns are integrated with Cojecom’s analytics platform. So their internal teams can directly collect and analyze this tracking information.


Thanks to Dexem Call Tracking, Cojecom can find out in real time and in their own platform how many phone conversions their clients’ campaigns are generating. Companies who work with them have an overview on all marketing actions, views per campaign and conversion data. That is to say the number of clics, the number of filled forms AND inbound calls. With such accurate data, Cojecom’s clients know exactly how to adjust their investments, following their campaigns’ performance.

Today, Dexem Call Tracking has entirely become part of Cojecom’s offers. When a new client signs up, it is fast and easy for the agency to set up new tracking numbers for him.

For an agency like Cojecom, Dexem Call Tracking is also a differenciating tool. It allows them to create a real added value for their clients, no matter their activity or internal processes. Cojecom has proved their clients made the right choice by working with a digital agency able to offer an innovative and professional solution.

"Our goal is to capture all the ROI generated by our campaigns, including inbound phone calls.

With Dexem Call Tracking API, we can automate reporting of calls received on our landing pages’ numbers.

Call Tracking allows us to raise our clients’ ROI, because it is a way to emphasize the phone contacts our campaigns are generating them."

Jérôme Soleymieux,

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