How Dexem Call Tracking helps BYmyCAR to strongly increase marketing ROI.

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BYmyCAR group is a car dealer, with about a hundred dealerships in France. They are experts in distribution of new or used vehicles of 18 brands. What’s more, BYmyCAR’s services also include car maintenance and personalization.

As the group is going digital, they need to measure how efficient each marketing channel is to their acquisition. BYmyCAR communicates through online comparators, marketplaces, Google my Business and their own website. Every day, these channels are generating new leads through online forms and inbound phone calls.


At BYmyCAR, phone contacts represent up to 75% of inbound leads. So, the group needs to identify which traffic sources these calls are coming from. They want to measure calls on network scale and per car dealership. With this data, they can define their best-performing campaigns in terms of ROI and inbound call conversions.

Given their acquisition ROI, BYmyCAR would optimize their marketing investments. This would prove the efficiency of their actions, and improve website performance. More, with their cost per lead in mind, they could renegotiate investments with some partners.

BYmyCAR also intends to help their sales teams to answer callers, with more call data. For this, autonomy and flexibility are both key for the company to redirect their calls to the right people.


BYmyCAR has set up Dexem Call Tracking to measure and analyze inbound calls per car dealership, marketing channel and traffic source.

They have implemented local tracking numbers on their web pages and on partners’. BYmyCAR can access detailed reports in their account, with data such as the number of answered and missed calls over a period. They know when their call peaks are occurring, and which marketing channels and custom fields their calls are related to.

BYmyCAR’s call data are also available in their Google Analytics account, thanks to a simple integration between both solutions. Then, phone conversions are available just like online forms conversions. And another integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud allows teams to find call data in their CRM at the start of the call.

With Dexem Call Tracking interface, BYmyCAR can easily set up redirection numbers, and automate call transfer in real time. And this does not change in any way their existing telephony system.


Thanks to Dexem Call Tracking, marketing teams at BYmyCAR can measure their ROI, for their own website as for partners’ advertising. This way, they can adjust and optimize their budget consequently. Not only can they prove their website’s performance, but they can also invest more on their top-performing traffic sources, and renegotiate budgets with partners if needed.

Integration between Dexem Call Tracking and Salesforce Sales Cloud allows BYmyCAR to automate inbound call contacts and activity creation in their CRM. This helps sales teams to reduce manual tasks, for more time spent to answer their callers. Right when a call starts, they can access some data in the CRM about their leads’ online journey (channel, traffic sources, visited pages, ...). Then, they have a better context to ease qualification phase.

Our solution also helps BYmyCAR improve their phone reactivity. It only takes them a few clics to change redirection numbers. For example, during 2020 lockdown periods, the company could replace their usual redirection numbers with mobile numbers in seconds. So, their teams could flexibly work from home.

"In our car dealerships, about 75% of inbound leads are inbound call leads. And 25% are using online forms."

"By integrating Dexem Call Tracking with Salesforce, I can accurately calculate my inbound calls acquisition cost."

"With such a flexible solution and reactive teams at Dexem, we could progressively implement all the actions for call measuring and customer journey optimisation."