How Abilways optimizes marketing ROI with call data provided by Dexem Call Tracking.

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Abilways is an expert of professional and continuous training, with 300 active collaborators in France and other countries. Each of their divisions is specialized in a field or a skill, to train and advise companies and organizations.

To clearly answer professionals’ demands, Abilways is running a separate website for each of their fields of expertise : ISM for sales and marketing, CFPJ for communication and media,...


Training sphere has been in constant development for several years now. To differentiate from other actors, companies like Abilways are more and more investing in digital marketing.

For this, Abilways has several websites, with specific traffic sources leading to each of them. Organic search, Google Ads, emailing,... Marketing team at Abilways is looking for tracking accurately how these traffic sources are performing to generate subscriptions. A new subscription can happen through an online form or a phone call.

Then, Abilways needs a solution to find out where their inbound calls are coming from. They would also measure their marketing ROI, according to the phone subsriptions completed from these channels.


Abilways has set up Dexem Call Tracking to identify marketing channels and traffic sources generating the most phone subscriptions from each website. With dynamic call tracking by Web session and Dynamic Number Insertion feature (DNI), a unique phone number is displayed to each new online visitor. Then, marketing team at Abilways can collect accurate data on their inbound calls’ origin and their online visitors’ journey.

More, it is easier for Abilways to manage and analyze call data, as they have a unique access to every Dexem Call Tracking account for each website. They can invite and manage new users as they intend.

All these call data can also be reached directly in Google Analytics and Google Ads through an integration. So, Abilways can combine and analyze both call and online acquisition data: multichannel funnels, visitors’ online journey, keywords, ad groups and Google Ads campaigns.


Thanks to Dexem Call Tracking, Abilways can match phone subscriptions with marketing channels and traffic sources, just as they do for online forms. This way, they can collect information about their best-performing channels for new subscriptions.

It is easy for marketing team to establish actual acquisition cost for each website, since they only have to combine phone subscriptions data with online data. Then, Abilways has a global overview on marketing ROI, and can easily optimize it through a data-driven process.

As for their paid campaigns on Google Ads, Abilways can also analyze ROI on a keyword, ad group and campaign level. Dexem Call Tracking is empowering marketing at Abilways with complete and accurate data. This way, they can run and adjust their budget to improve performance of paid campaigns and other marketing channels.

"Our goal is to clearly identify the channels allowing our trainings to generate the most subscriptions."

"As we have tried another solution before, this one is completely different: Dexem offers a simple setup, reactive teams and far more accurate features, all this at once!"

"With Call Tracking, we can identify the origin of calls received by our customer service, and optimize our marketing ROI."