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Visual Development

Built-in Visual Call Flows Editor

With a few clicks, create your voice applications by adding, configuring and linking together a wide set of voice pages. Depending on the edition of the Voice Publisher platform, the visual editor offers you up to 20 types of voice pages to build applications that meet your needs perfectly.

Intuitive Ressource Management

Add audio files set up calendars or define transfer destinations, for instance, and use them easily to build the call flow of your voice applications.

Business Data Integration

Use some of your business, your organization or your customers data to optimize, accelerate and enrich the management of your phone call flows.

One-click Deployment

Version control for the team

Version control of an application allows you to easily manage the development cycle: development, test, production, archive. The return to the previous version (Rollback) is also done in one click.

Advanced Test Environment

Publish any version of your voice applications to your test environment. The deployment is automatic and immediate and you have test numbers.

Real-time Update

Change the settings of your applications in real time. For example, you can configure messages, calendars, or destinations on the web at any time.


Multi-account Management

Effectively manage all of your customer accounts and access permissions for users. Then browse in a few clicks from one account to another with a unique login.

Custom Roles for Uers

Invite your teammates or your customers, and decide on their permissions according to the roles assigned to each: management, development, administration, read-only access, support.

Activity Tracking

For each account, follow the activities of different users to understand the changes made and provide support in case of problems.

Phone Numbers

Bring your Own Numbers

Add your phone numbers in your customers' accounts and use them as phone numbers in voice applications and for your customer's agents.

Link Numbers & Applications

Associate phone numbers for test environments and production environments, to deploy voice applications with confidence.

Global Support

Our platform supports international phone numbers and collects / transfers calls received or sent in many countries.

Real-time Analytics

Fully-detailed Reports

Take advantage of a series of comprehensive reports, which will help you analyze incoming calls and the behavior of callers or callees, to identify improvements to more effectively handle call flows.

Custom Alerts

With custom reports and alerts, you can easily monitor your voice applications and detect traffic peaks or abnormal behavior, for example.

Call History

For each application, you have a detailed call history, which provides you with valuable data on each call (date, durations, numbers, interactions, etc.).

Secured & Reliable Technology


Your telephony applications are deployed and hosted in our secure cloud. If you want to work with a Hybrid Cloud, we can deploy to your private cloud with Automatic Remote Deployment (ARD).


Our Voice Publisher platform has a very reliable and secured infrastructure, that results of many years of development. It handles more than 100 million calls each year, collected in more than 50 countries.


Voice Publisher has a 99.99% uptime over the last twelve months. And we are constantly improving it with one goal in mind, to be 100% available.

Voice Application Examples

Call Tracking

Analyze phone calls from your marketing campaigns to measure performance of ads, sources, keywords & pages.

Call Management

Help your customer-centric sales team improve contact performance to handle 100% of the calls from customers.

Intelligent Call Routing

Automate inbound call routing with an IVR and smart rules to help your customers to be transfered to the right destination.

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