About Dexem

Dexem provides Cloud-based software service to help companies of all sizes, worldwide, to process, route, manage and analyze phone calls. We rely on our expertise about telephony, customer relationships and big data to create voice solutions that perfectly fit your needs, that are easy to use for all your employees and that are built to scale your business.


We have a range of products built on our Voice Publisher Cloud platform (PaaS):

Call Tracking helping data-driven marketers analyze phone calls from marketing campaigns;

Call Manager helping customer-centric sales team handle with 100% customers calls;

Cloud IVR helping automate call routing with smart rules.

Leading companies rely on us

Best-in-class Software

Dexem provides Cloud-based software services to create, manage and analyze telephony applications on its reliable, scalable and full-featured Voice Publisher Cloud platform.

5-Stars Customer Service

Our customer success team works closely with your team to design, develop, deploy and support complex solutions with amazing time-to-market and quality.

Custom Voice Applications

Dexem has delivered with success thousands of custom voice applications to a lot of companies worldwide over the last 15 years, and draws now upon a deep expertise.

Talk to sales

Our experts are always available to answer any of your questions about our products, our commitments, our uptime, our support or the design of your voice solutions.