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Analyze calls in real time
with insightful analytics.

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Application Dashboard

Know everything about
your telephony applications.

Select the period you want to analyze, a time unit (month/week/day/hour) and check the number of calls and transfers in your telephony services. Data are shown in graphic mode or table mode. We provide data of the current day in real-time.

In this dashboard, you'll find also the total number of minutes, the average time of a call, the number of hang ups and interactions (DTMF menu or voice dialog) made by the callers.

And you can compare the above data from a period to another (only in graphic mode).

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Tableau de bord d'une application vocale

Menu Details Report

See which choices
your callers are making.

Choose a DTMF menu or a voice recognition dialog in one of your applications, a period (day to day) to analyze, a time unit (month/week/day/hour). Then, you'll see the choices made by callers in this menu or this dialog.

And you can see what's happening right now, in real-time.

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Détails des choix faits par les appelants dans un menu DTMF

Call History Report

All calls,
in a single file.

Choose the period you want to analyze, then export the history of calls in .csv file format.

For each call, this report shows general information about start and end time, called and calling numbers, the route details and choices made by the caller in the telephony application.

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Historique détaillé des appels passés dans vos serveurs vocaux