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with the power of the Web.

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Calendars Management

Your services available
whenever you want.

Thanks to calendars, manage opening and closing hours of every branch in your telephony application. Choose 1 or 2 open hour time slots for every day of the week. Then, add exceptional closing days and choose different time zone for each calendar. This feature is really convenient for international services.

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Calendars Management

Switches Management

There's a switch for every
situation you have to face to.

Thanks to switches, change the path in your applications. Activate/Desactivate on the go choices in menus, emergency routing, optional qualification speeches and more! Use manual mode or configure automatically a period on which a switch is activated.

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Switches Management

Messages Management

Always deliver the right
message to your callers.

Change the messages in prompts and menus in real-time. Choose between an audio file or a text-to-speech to broadcast a message. Edit the text and select a female or a male voice. Or select an audio file. And switch in one click from an audio file to a text-to-speech, and vice-versa, as much as you want.

Messages Management

Manage audios easily.

Upload new audio files, one by one or a lot at once. Replace an existing audio file with a new one. Rename and add a description to the files you upload. Listen audios directly in your browser with the audio player.

VoicePublisher makes your life easier and converts automatically audio files in the good format!

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Audios Management

Destinations Management

Make calls always arrive
to the right destination.

Change in real time Routing call by modifying the phone number of your transfer destinations.

Change in real time your destination transfers with the pool of phone numbers you have. For Percentage Allocation Transfers, change percentages the way you want, add or remove routing destinations. And see the performance of each destinations.

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Administration des destinations

VoicePublisher goes mobile

Manage your IVR on the go.

Manage messages, destinations, calendars and switches from your Smartphone. With this mobile version of the management interface, you're now able to update your applications whenever you want, wherever you are.

The Web mobile management interface works on iPhones (iOS 3+) and Android Smartphones (3+ versions).

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Administration de vos serveurs vocaux sur mobile