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We do custom development

We know that every organization is unique and has its own needs. We can help to enhance your call management with custom hosted IVR and Call Routing applications which perfectly fit your needs. Our customer service team works closely with you to create, deploy and support custom solutions with amazing time-to-market and quality.

We develop for leading companies

Dexem has already delivered hundreds of custom telephony applications to global enterprises and small & medium businesses from a large scope of industries (IT, transport, Baknking, Insurances, Transport, Retail among others) since 2001. We draw upon our 15+ years experience with these companies to design, build and deploy your solutions.

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When you need support, you're backed by great people!


We treat every customer as a priority. We're here when you need to. We're committed to notify you we received your requests within 30 minutes. When we're notified of a critical issue, we mobilize our whole team to fix it in less than 1 hour and keep you updated of every change. This way, you can move as fast as you need to.

Deep Expertise

Our customer service team covers the full range of customer services, including support naturally. This means you'll be supported by people who had worked with you before to develop and deploy your solutions. Their knowledge on your project, backed by our 12 years experience, allows them to solve your issues effectively faster.

Phone Support

We love to talk with you on the phone, we're easily reachable and we have no response time limit. Sometimes, it's necessary and more effective to interact by phone. Our staff don't use scripts to solve problems, they use their brains. We take the time to provide you the best answer because we want to be sure you'll get everything you need.

Or call us at 1-646-553-6446. We'd love to help you!

Training Services

VoicePublisher is well-known for its simplicity of use. With a simple training, you will be sure to take advantage of all its powerful features.

We do adapted custom trainings for developers, administrators and managers of any levels. We also provide specific trainings about VoiceXML standards and speech recognition development for advanced users and developers.

Need training about vocal new technologies?

Consulting Services

Dexem’s technical consultants can audit your existing project and help you to define improvements and write specifications with you. They can also give you some recommendations about the last innovations in voice technologies.

Need support to set up your specifications?