Telephony Applications

We provide all the
business telephony services
that fit your organization.

The following telephony applications are hosted on our reliable, scalable and full-featured VoicePublisher cloud platform. We will help you to define your needs and develop the applications for you. Thanks to the management interface, you can update your business data and change calendars, messages and destination in your telephony services.

Virtual Receptionist

Broadcast a welcome message, add the company open hours, transfer calls to the right services in the company and record messages.

Customer Service
and Call Centers

This application allows to qualify why someone calls your customer service or your call center and route the call automatically to the right agent.

Network of stores

Communicate on a single phone number for your whole network (shops, agencies, hotels...) and calls will be routed to the right place.

Crisis Information

This application allows your organization to broadcast important messages and transfer calls to specific agents during crisis.

Speech Attendant

This application allows callers to be automatically transferred to the right agent or the right service with a dialog in speech recognition.

Phone Surveys

This application allows to conduct satisfaction surveys to callers, automatically at the end of the call or following manual transfers.

Order Tracking

This application allows your customers to get information about their order / package tracking based on their order number.

Store Locator

This application allows callers to know where are some points of interest such as your stores, your hospital, your restaurants, your hotels...


When you are already online or not available, this application allows callers to leave their phone number so you can call them back.

Custom Hosted IVR

We help to design, create and deploy a custom call qualification and routing application for interactive voice response (IVR).